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This Is Who We Are and What We Do


We are John and Karen Bickford.  We live in Bolton MA and have one adult daughter named Chloe.

We have been in the vacation rental space since 2009.  We have vacation rentals in Clearwater Beach Florida, Dunedin Florida and Playa del Carmen Mexico

We love to travel to our different locations and enjoy them as well as continually improve them with upgrades and décor.  

When we are not traveling, we like to go boating, and fishing and do work around our home in Bolton.  

Your Hosts,

Karen & John Bickford

Why we chose the mai tai suites

Believe it or not I had never been to Dunedin until the day we went to look at Mai Tai Apartment building. We have a unit in Clearwater Beach and when I was there, I was just there. 

The moment I drove into Dunedin I knew it was the place for me.  When we walked the property, I fell in love with the serenity of it.  Lots of wood cranes, geckos, squirrels, and vegetation. The courtyard is my favorite. 

It reminded me of Melrose Place without the swimming pool.  We went to Frenchy’s Outpost and submitted an offer that day.  Luckily it was accepted. 

The Mai Tai was in rough shape when we first purchased however, I knew I could shine her up nice and that’s what I did. 

What we like to do when we are in dunedin

Whenever we’re here in Dunedin we like to relax and make time for ourselves.

We love walking on the beach, paddleboarding and eating out with the family
Karen and John
Your hosts

Of course, we love to go explore at Honeymoon State Park and explore the beautiful beach.  There is also a dog beach, and we visit with the dogs there.  We love dogs and due to traveling often it doesn’t make sense to have one at this time in our lives. 

We are also foodies and take great pleasure in frequenting all the restaurants and bars in the immediate area as well as downtown Dunedin. 

In the evening we sit out at the community table and have food and drinks. It’s fun to listen and look at the sites around the property. 

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